A Few More Goals

As an addendum to my post of yesterday, I would like to establish a couple more goals for myself to reach for in 2008.

First, I would like to become a more dedicated blogger. For a long time, I did not see what benefit having a blog would be to anyone who had one. I saw it as a way, mostly, for people to climb up on their cybersoapboxes and rant about whatever came to mind. To me, this seemed like a waste of time that could be better spent actually writing fiction. I figured that, while I have opinions about a great many things, most people would not care to read them, but seeing authors like John Scalzi and Cherie Priest dramatically expand their readership by combining excellent fiction with engaging blogs, I now see the value of having such an outlet. Now, if I could only sucker a few people into reading regularly, telling their friends to read regularly, and so on, I might have a few people ready to purchase a novel of mine should I ever get into print.

So, with that in mind, I intend on posting much more frequently on here. If I expect people to stop by on a regular basis, I need to commit to giving them a reason to do so. Hopefully, I’ll be able to particularly start off with a flurry of entries as I begin submitting The Dead and the Dying in hopes of landing an agent. I’m eager to share my experiences with anyone who cares to read them and hope that I can offer as much insight into the industry through my struggles as these aforementioned authors and others have to me.

I also plan on keeping track of my progress on the new story on here, as much as a motivational tool for myself as an informative piece for my readers. Everytime I log on and see that counter staring me in the face, I think it will spur me to make my foray into cyberspace a little shorter so I can focus on what I’m supposed to be doing–writing another damn book.

I have set my tentative goal at 100,000 words, but that is subject to change as the novel starts to take shape. In my first attempt at writing a novel, I completed it at 120,000 words, parts of which were decent and parts of which were God-awful, unreadable, and, worst of all, cliched. The second completed manuscript–far better in my eyes–is also far shorter at 61,000 words. I believe the first is probably an average length for a fantasy work, while the second is bordering on being too short. Still, the story is what it is. I will change whatever I need to in order for it to be published, but it is simply a more compact, simpler story than the first one. My current work should be much more complicated than that one, but I still want to stay around the 100k mark for fear of it being too long, too wordy. Sort of like this entry.

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