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Showing my GSP-ness

Every March for the past five or six years, I have made the long (especially long now that I live in western Tennessee) trip to Frankfort, Kentucky, to pick up The Box. In doing so, I commit myself to reading … Continue reading

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It’s Official . . . I’m Old

There are a lot of yardsticks you can use to decide when you have, in fact, passed over into being old. No one wants to think they are past their physical prime, but it sneaks up on you, an irrevocable … Continue reading

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In Memoriam: Gary Gygax

Today is an unofficial national day of mourning for anyone who has ever rolled a d20. Gary Gygax, one of the founding fathers of Dungeons and Dragons, has died at age 69. I began playing D&D at the ripe old … Continue reading

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Dan Brown and a Writing Update

The prodigal blogger returns! I realize that I’ve been a naughty little blogger lately, this being my first post in a month, but since no one is actually reading it right now, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Should I … Continue reading

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