General Status Update

As of this post, I am about a third of the way through my second read-through on Project Superhero. Last night, I hit the first of the three scenes that I knew I would have to completely rewrite and I think, after about an hour and a half of work, that it came out much better than in the rough draft. Doing these rewrites is like picking through the ruins of a house fire, looking for anything that might be salvageable. Some of what I find–a clever phrase, a dead-on analogy, a snappy bit of dialogue–finds its way back into the narrative as I redo the scene. Some of it, like a blanket that will never lose that smell of smoke–gets tossed aside. Kill your darlings, as Hemingway said.

I still have two significant rewrites, including the climax, but based on how easily this one went, I’m not worried about them. The scene I redid last night was the only part of the story where I was really losing momentum, so it was the most in need of retooling. The rest should be pretty easy.

I received another rejection for Dead and Dying last night. I can’t say that I’m too upset over this. The agent was one I just happened to read about on another blog and couldn’t tell you now even what authors she represents. I know I still have a few queries out there, along with the two full manuscripts that I’ve been waiting on since May, but for all intents and purposes, Dead and Dying is officially dead.

Another story I’m waiting to hear on is one I submitted recently for an anthology. I don’t have high hopes for it getting picked up, but the story is pretty good and, depending on what other stories were submitted, you never know . . . . I also have a couple more shorts that I’m going to start flogging around. I’d really like at least one short credit before I start my submissions for Project Superhero.

Aside from all of that, I do have one Christmas-themed short story complete that I will post on here the week of Christmas. If I finish more before them, I’ll post those as well, although with everything else going on, I’m not promising anything. The ideas are there, but there are only so many hours in a day and the pro bono projects take a backseat to the ones that might actually pay something.

And finally, despite everything else, I’m still deciding on what to write next. My mind changes at least once and hour and it may come down to drawing from a hat if I don’t decide before I send Superhero out to my beta readers.

That is all the updatery for now. Have a good Saturday.

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