Quick Editing Update and Miscellany

I am now officially halfway through the reading of Project Superhero and nearing an official working title. I’m sure my wife will be glad when this read through is complete as not only will she be able to read the whole thing, but I’ll stop sitting up in bed next to her, whispering the words as I read them. I like to hear what I’ve written as it gives me a much better idea of what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, I like doing this in bed a two in the morning.

Also, my short story, “The Pilot,” was rejected from an anthology where I had entered it on account of not staying close enough to the theme. The judge did tell me that the writing was good, which may mean nothing, but which I’m going to take as a small victory plucked from the jaws of defeat. I have another short ready to submit to some of the mags this week when I’m off, so maybe I’ll finally land some short piece of fiction somewhere.

One more thing–we writers are encouraged to read a lot and read widely. The most recent book I finished was Twilight. I’m currently reading Knight’s Cross: The Life of Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. If it gets any wider than that, I don’t know how.

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