Christmas Short Stories

As stated in an earlier post, I had planned to do a dozen short stories, all Christmasy in theme, and post them on here for anyone who cares to read such. I have really great ideas for what I want to write, covering just about any genre I would normally be interested in writing, but what I lack, to my great sadness, is the time to write them before Christmas.

I blame myself. Had I not taken so much time to finish Project Superhero, I would have had plenty of time to write, edit, and rewrite the stories in time for posting on the twelve days leading up to Christmas. This saddens me and, although I still intend to write them, it will not be in time for this holiday.

The silver lining to this failure on my part is that they ought to be really good when I post them NEXT year. Working in retail, I tend to think about Christmas a lot more than most people (we order our Christmas merchandise in June) and another ten or so months may allow me to come up with ever better ideas than the ones I already have. Regardless, they should be quite free of typos and such when I’m done.

Still, I have one finished and I think it’s pretty good, so I’ll post it a day or so before Christmas as a consolation for my broken ego. If I’m feeling spiffy, I might even post one for other holidays like Easter and Independence Day. We’ll just have to play it by ear. I do intend to write another novel next year, if not two, so all the other stuff will just have to work itself into my busy schedule.

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