Let it Sleet, Let it Sleet, Let it Sleet

That’s the view outside the hotel right now. Notice I did not say “the view outside my house” because I could not make it home in the midst of the ice storm we are currently experiencing, so I’m holed up at the local Hampton Inn about two miles from work. Road conditions are so bad that I was doing less than ten miles per hour when I pulled into the hotel parking lot and still fish-tailed.

Weather like this is uncommon here in the South and the masses, when faced with such adversity, behave accordingly–mass hysteria, runs on supplies, and horrific driving. A few flakes of snow and people act as though they’re at the beginning of some apocalypse like that in Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer winner, The Road. Not that anyone here has read that.

I continue to edit Project Superhero and am nearly three-fourths of the way through. I’m still amazed at how many inconsistencies make their way into a story along the path of composition. For example, my main character’s mother, described as working at a hospital earlier in the novel, suddenly found herself a lifelong housewife later on. This was a troubling mistake for me as a rather key decision made by my main character depended on this piece of information and it took a bit of creative scrambling to reconcile the two parts. Even with a workable solution, though, I may reverse it before I finish. That’s one of the most beautiful parts of the editorial process–changing lives in progress and stitching the scenes together so they blend into a seamless tale. Oh, the power!

And so, dear largely imaginary audience, I continue to plod onward. Still writing, still waiting, still deciding whether my characters have been employed for most of their lives.

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