Mental Fog Advisory

I have now completed my latest stretch of seven consecutive work days and I’m a bit tired. Working so many days in a row is one thing, but doing them in the peak of the holiday shopping season during a patch of bad weather has left my thoughts feeling like the air outside my window–foggy and still.

Thankfully, I have two days off tomorrow and Friday, then I work the weekend, before having off Monday, my last day off until the day after Christmas. My boss was complaining today that he doesn’t get another day off until Christmas Day and I thought, for a moment, to ask him if he had a novel to edit in his few spare moments away from work. Then, I realized that he can barely read, much less write, so the question would probably not be taken very well. So, I instead called him a whiny crybaby. Yes sir, I am the epitome of poor professionalism. If I wasn’t so good at my job, I’d probably be in serious trouble most of the time.

In writing news, I submitted another short story two nights ago and should hear something on it in about a month or so. I’m rather hopeful about the chances this one has to be published, if not by the magazine I sent it to, then by another. I believe I did a really good job overcoming my short story phobia and turned out a pretty good yarn at about 3900 words. I’m still looking for that first publishing credit, so it would be great to start the new year off with that out of the way so I can focus on finding an agent.

I’ll be posting my Christmas short story probably on Monday, so if anyone is actually reading this, please tune in then. It is the sole survivor of my plan to produce a dozen holiday shorts, a plan that has been delayed for a year due to circumstances at least partially beyond my control. It’s a pretty good story, I think, and I hope my mostly non-existent audience agrees.

I’m also planning on posting some pics of a few houses near mine where Christmas decorating is taken to brilliant extremes. But first, I have to find my digital camera, so that may take a few days. Wish me luck!

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