Oozing Christmas Spirit

Today, I thought I’d post a few of the aforementioned pictures of the neighbor’s Christmas lights. These people are very serious about decorating for the holidays and start on the first of October in time to be ready for the McKenzie Hometown Christmas celebration beginning December 1st.

Here’s the view from the corner of my backyard:

Here’s the front of the house. The little building to the right has a sound system set up that plays Christmas music you can hear from some distance away:

Another view of the front. There are two tables on the front I’ll get to in a moment:

On the two tables, they have entire Christmas villages set up in miniature:

And the other one:

And one with the flash (these people are serious):

And a final one from their backyard (they give tours):

There is another house I want to take pictures of nearby, so I may do that one tomorrow if it’s not raining here. I really enjoy Christmas despite my years of working in retail and I wish I had the time to decorate like this. I guess I’ll just have to save my time and discipline for writing.

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