Weather by Sybil

Today: Sunny, high of 73.
Tomorrow: Rain, high of 51.
Sunday: Sunny, high of 31.

I’m all for living somewhere with four distinct seasons, but I don’t necessarily need them on consecutive days.

Project Superhero is nearly two-thirds edited this round and, with one more major rewrite to go, I think I should hit my goal of having the thing ready to ship off to my readers by Christmas. I’m happy to say that I’m catching at lot of the mistakes I would have missed before thanks to my new tactic of reading, even if that means silently mouthing, the words as I read them. It’s remarkable how absurd certain things can sound to the ear, things that looked great on paper. It’s truly the equivalent of having a new pair of eyes to evaluate the manuscript, even before another person gets hold of it. By the time I finish a novel, I’m so tired of looking at it that I can’t trust my eyes to tell me the truth of what I’m seeing. I learned this the hard way on my last manuscript, noticing how many stupid mistakes I made and missed. This time, though, I think my manuscript is much cleaner and I’m catching a much higher percentage of the errors that are there. Either that, or I haven’t learned as much as I thought. Either way, my readers will let me know.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work for the weekend. I have more pictures of local houses decorated to extremes for the holidays, but due to a problem with my camera, those will have to wait until tomorrow.

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