Technical Issues

I was planning on posting my lone completed Christmas short story, the only evidence of my grand incomplete plan to post a dozen stories over as many days leading up to the big day. That fell through due to conflicts with Project Superhero and now, while preparing to post the short, I have reached another obstacle.

My laptop ate the damn story. Swallowed it whole. Like a Christmas cookie. Crunch! Gone!

Now, I still have the story on my desktop (where I do the majority of my composition), but my desktop is at home and I am not. I am, in fact, at a local 24-hour laundry with WiFi as my internet connection at home is down. This is a frequent even at my house and I usually hang out at a local park with similar wireless service, but the temperature outside is about 20 degrees and that’s not conducive weather for accurate typing.

I do, however, plan to post the story tomorrow. I have to work the next three days (yes, including Christmas) and, though I’ll be tired, I’ll have enough in me to finish the edits on Superhero and post the Christmas tale.

Assuming my laptop’s not still hungry.


    1. Well, I hope you enjoy both. I’m nearly done with my latest batch of edits and will be sending out the full manuscript soon. Email me at so I have your address to send it to. Also, it’s a Word document, so if that’s an issue, let me know.
      And Merry Christmas as well to you!

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