Calling All Dream Interpreters

I’ve been having the same occurring dream for the past couple of years and I’m not sure what it means. It pops up every few weeks or months, usually with a small variance from the previous ones, but keeping to the same general storyline as it changes.

I’m in a mall. This in itself is rather odd as there is not a legitimate mall within an hour of my house. Still, there I am in this mall that is mostly deserted as it is nearly time for the place to shut down. I am walking down a peripheral hall, probably a new wing of the mall, and there are very few shops. The number of open stores varies somewhat–sometimes there is a restaurant or a clothing store–but there is always a book store. It’s not a Borders, but it is designed along those lines, a small box store with tight aisles and low profile counters that allow easy sight lines across the store.

I go into the book store and look around. I realize the mall, and hence the store, is about to close, but I go in anyway. There are no other customers there, not even any staff that I can see. I am looking for something in particular, but I don’t know what it is. I keep looking, even though I know I need to leave. I can hear the roll down doors of the other stores in the mall closing, but I linger, still searching for that one particular book. Finally, I realize I am out of time and, though I have yet to see anyone attempting to close the store, I leave and try to find my way out of the mall.

Leaving the mall is sometimes easy, sometimes hard. There are times when I just leave the book store and head out through a nearby door. Sometimes I have to try several doors before I can gain the parking lot. A few times I have even gone through the restaurant–usually one of those mall-type Chinese places you find around a food court–and exited through their kitchen door to the outside. There is never anyone to help me find my way out and I keep thinking about that book store, what I was searching for, am my frustration over not being able to find it.

Like I said, there are occasional variations to this basic story. Sometimes I have one or more of my children with me. Sometimes the store is not in a mall, but in a building by itself. Regardless, I’d be happy to hear what you in readerland have to say about what the hell this all means. Feel free to comment away.

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