Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to edit I go . . . .

I just received the first five chapters, complete with detailed comments on what works and what doesn’t, from my number one proofreader. She is always concerned that I’ll be offended by what she has to say, but if I’m going to be offended by anything, it’s the mistakes I allow myself to leave in before I send the story to her. Some of them are small–typos and such. Some of them are huge and will require significant rewrites. Still, I love them all. She, and the other proofreaders, make me better and for that I’m more grateful than they could possibly know.

The lesson in this is that if you can’t handle someone else providing a detailed commentary of what is good and, more importantly, what is bad with your writing, you should go do something else. What my readers do makes me so much better than I would be on my own and I love them all for it.

Now, I’ll cut this short so I can go fix my book.

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