Programming Change

I had intended to give a full rundown on our trip to the Memphis Zoo, complete with Pics, but my camera died just as we entered the front gate. Still, here’s some thoughts on the trip:

–If you can find a nice day in January to go to the zoo, take advantage of it. There may have been two dozen other people there, so there were certainly no jostling crowds to contend with. There were a few animals we didn’t see that we would have like to have seen (like elephants), but we did see a lot more than we saw last year when we were there in weather so cold, even the polar bears were not allowed outside.

–Kindness is apparently a weird thing my family does. We received free tickets thanks to our debacle of a visit last year–five of them, in fact–and we used four of them today. The fifth my wife gave to another family that was walking up to the gate at the same time we were. They looked at it, and us, as though they didn’t understand what was going on. Are random acts of kindness so rare that people don’t know how to react to them?

–Children complain a lot less when there are zebras and giraffes around. Despite the rather cool temperatures today, my two younger children did not complain at all. Instead, they kept warm by eagerly running from exhibit to exhibit. Amy and I did the same.

–Two words: reticulated python. Three More Words: Big Ass Snake

After the zoo trip, we drove downtown to Le Bonheur Hospital to see a sick child from our church who has been in and out of various medical facilities for months. Everything he ingests, even water, comes right back up the emergency elevator. New doctors are getting involved this week, so hopefully they’ll have a name for Brady’s condition soon as, so far, they’ve all been stumped. If anyone out there knows any excellent pediatric gastroenterologists, send them our way.

Anyway, that’s all for today.

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