Busier Than (Insert Your Metaphor Here)

Posts on here will be appearing less frequently for the near future as I deal with a few things that take priority over writing stuff nobody will read. First of all, I’ll be working on my final edits and query letter for the new book (and perhaps a new title, as well–that’s currently in discussion). I’ve finished the major rewrites and minor housekeeping items and now I just have to go back through to make sure it all makes sense. I’ll also be working on the letter amidst all the other things going on, so I’m already looking to be busy over the next few weeks.

Also, I received a box from UPS on Friday containing the first 1000 applications for the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program. This is a wonderful thing as I normally have just two weeks to score all 1900 or so and starting a few weeks early will let me do things at a little better pace than usual. I’ve scored the first 35 and, so far, the quality is not promising. (Just in case someone googles the program here and finds this post, all the apps I receive are anonymous so save your bribes.) This process will soak up a lot of my free time, so work on the new book is also delayed until I get the GSP work done.

For anyone looking for more information about the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program, though, check out http://www.kygsp.org. You can also read some of my thoughts on what I do here and here.

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