Good–Reading has begun on the Governor’s Scholar applications and I’m currently on number 120.

Bad–The applications thus far have been models of mediocrity. I’m already tired of people telling me how music makes them unique. Let me say it again–if you play the piano, you are not unique. Lots of people play the piano. If you play the harpsichord, that’s a little better.

Good–The boss complimented me to his boss today at work, saying that I’m well on my way to becoming a “superstar”. Neve rmind that I’m better than most of the people in the position above me and am the go-to person for everyone in the store. I’m well on my way.

Bad–A little old lady returned a bottle of perfume this afternoon. Unfortunately, when I picked the bottle up to check it out, I didn’t know that she was returning it because it leaked and spilled approximately a quarter of the bottle on my left hand and forearm. I left the store smelling like a French whore and was nearly overcome in the car on the way home, so much so that I had to roll down my window and stick my hand outside at one point just so I could breathe. It was so bad that I thought about doing the Evil Dead “lop it off at the wrist” just to save myself from inhaling any more. I’ve washed my hands a dozen times and taken a long shower and, thankfully, most of the reek is gone, but not all. Not nearly enough.

Really Bad–Perfumes are mostly alcohol. I have a rather nasty cut on the index finger of my left hand. You do the math.

Good–I’m over my cold from last week and feeling much better.

Bad–My son, and now my wife, have both been struck by a stomach virus and, as I write this, I feel some churning and bubbling going on in the belly. It’s probably nothing, but . . . .

Good–The edits for the new book are done and I’m ready to start submitting to agents.

Bad–Still no title I like. I think from now on, I’m doing things in reverse, starting with one of those random title generators you see on the web. I already have titles for the next two books I plan to write, but not for the one I’ve already written. Leave it to me to do things the hard way. Perhaps I can use the high I’m getting off the spilled perfume to come up with something good.

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