New Beginnings

Now that I’m moderately recovered from my determining the future of nearly 2000 high school students (power like that requires a bit of recovery time, you know), I can be reborn as a writer. I have a shiny new book to submit and a new one to write, both of which makes me very happy.

I’m still hammering out the kinks of my query letter and have begun the laborious task of lining up agents I think might be interested. I have several, many of whom gave me some very positive feedback on my last novel, on my list from the last time and I hope to add several new ones to that list as I get into the process. I’m looking forward to starting the submissions again with a new book–it’s like taking a new girlfriend out for the first time, all anxious to show her off–and am hopeful that I’ll gain representation this time around.

Meanwhile, I’m also looking forward to starting a new novel. I have the basic structure in my head and I’m curious to see where the characters lead me. As usual with my writing, I’m doing something completely unrelated to what I’ve done before–I won’t even consider thinking about sequels until I sell my first novel and even then I’m not too keen on the idea. I love reading series from several authors, but for now I prefer to move on to greener, more vivid pastures. In this case, that pasture will be Nashville, where a soldier of God trained to battle demons with a unique weapon will put everything he holds dear–his life, his job, even his soul–at risk for someone he knows is condemned. I have a really nice opening chapter in mind that I’ve kinda sorta begun and plans to jump head first into the ocean of urban fantasy sweeping the literary world. Maybe, if I’m lucky, that ocean won’t be dry when I jump in.

Also, speaking of wonderful urban fantasy, congratulations to my friend Jaye Wells on the release of her debut novel, Red-Headed Stepchild. If you want to read the kind of book I’d like to be talented enough to write and publish, pick up a copy (or five) at your local bookstore. It will give you something to read–repeatedly–until I get my own published. Visit her at

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