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I’m Now a Twit

That’s right! All of you not reading anything I write on here can now not read my much shorter ramblings on Twitter: Yes, this is the end of civilization as we know it.

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I have done very little of note this weekend. Last night, I spent the night with a friend and former co-worker I hadn’t seen in a while. His wife was out of town and, since mine had to be up … Continue reading

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Out with the Old, In with the New

First, the old. I am off for the next four days, so I plan on launching a full query assault on the agenting world over the next few days. They query letter is where I want it and I think … Continue reading

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Dead and Dying, Chapter One

I’ve been extraordinarily busy lately with things like t-ball, parties, and interviews for a promotion at work (so much for that “problem with authority”) and haven’t had the time or the energy to really post much on here. Today is … Continue reading

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Actual Conversations with my Boss

On Health: Boss: How’s your heart problem today? Me: It’s fine. Boss: I thought it would get better with you not working so much with me. Me: No, you’re the pain in my ass, not the pain in my chest. … Continue reading

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The Lake

No one has yet asked me that age-old questions asked of authors since the beginning of fiction. You know the one, the question every author dreads because there is no real answer to it. The queried author has a few … Continue reading

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Randomly Updation

Normally, I would put a Topical Tuesday post in here, but I’m feeling generally meh on most topics today and meh is not a fit state in which to discuss such things. Therefore, in light of my recent light blogging … Continue reading

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The other day at the wonderful BookEnds blog, authors and perspective authors were given the opportunity to rail against everything they don’t like about the traditional write, query, and wait submission process that has become standard in the publishing industry. … Continue reading

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