Progress Report

I sent out a couple of queries for what has again become Gifts of the Hirakee. Considering all the problems I’ve had coming up with a good title, I thought about just calling it Gone with the Wind and calling it good. Instead, however, I’m back to where I started and I think I’ll stay there this time.

I’m still picking out agents and sending out the queries in small batches in the small amount of time I have available to compose them. While I have the basic body of the letter down, I have to think of how to personalize each one before I send it. Of course, I will update on here with any responses, good or bad, as I receive them.

Work on the Wielder of the Soul is coming along quite well, although I will probably go back and edit some things tonight before I begin any new composition. I think I have gotten a little ahead of myself in the story and, not wanting to give away too much too soon or front load the story too much info dumping early on, I’m going to go back and tinker a bit with the exposition. After the action-packed opening scene, I want to slow things down a bit before I ramp them up to another high-energy scene in an upcoming chapter. Also, I need to do a bit more establishment of character before it will mean much to the reader if they are in trouble or not.

All in all, great fun.

Here’s the progress on my Nashville-based urban fantasy, including a soul-wielding Knight, his rather incompetent guardian angel, an amnesiac love interest, a giant Catholic priest, and loads and loads of creatures from Hell:

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