I will be attending the reception for prospective Kentucky Governor’s Scholars in Murray this evening. It will be nice to see what the students are hearing before they submit their applications for my reading pleasure (or displeasure, as the case may be). Here in a moment, I have to rush home and find something to wear that makes me look erudite, no small task.

In the meantime, as thousands of Kentucky high school students are preparing their applications for this completely worthwhile program, I want to repost some of the advice that I’ve offered over the past few years that I have been on the Statewide Selection Committee, wisdom gained from the nearly 10,000 applications I have read and scored since I joined the group of dedicated volunteers that help make the thing work:

An Open Letter to Applicants of the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program: http://leesmiley.livejournal.com/8436.html

What is Unique?: http://leesmiley.livejournal.com/27364.html

If any students applying for the program stop by and read these helpful resources, I have two things to say. First, I hope they help. Second, go back and make your Unique Activity a little more unique. Please. For my sake. For the sake of my sanity in March. For the sake of your score and the prospects of you being accepted.

Yes, my mother is gone and I will write about that soon. I promise. Yes, I’m still writing, a bit, and I will also discuss that soon. However, today I’m about to leave for work, where our big push to the end of the year has begun. Despite this being the month of Halloween, we are looking at Christmas and have already received much of our stock of trees and toys and such for the upcoming holiday season. Therefore, to reconcile the adversity of these two conflicting holidays, I present the following:



I will be returning soon with real content. Just a little longer, my faithful reader(s).