Quick Update on All Things Writerly

Even though I haven’t mentioned it in a while, I am still writing. Considering how bad my year has gone thus far, I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to escape from this life once in a while and go somewhere else.

Here’s what I’ve been working on:

–Christmas short stories. Last year, I set out to write a dozen Christmas short stories to post on LJ on the twelve days leading up to Christmas. Unfortunately, I spent most of my fall finishing Gifts of the Hirakee and was only able to finish one story, which I posted last year. This year, I have set my sights a bit lower and will post three new stories along with a repost of the one from last year. I have finished two of the tales already, with the third in progress. The final one ran a bit long, so I may post it in two parts. It’s not a dozen, but considering that I’m working on these when I should be working on more marketable items, it’ll have to do.

–The aforementioned Gifts of the Hirakee. I feel like I’ve given this story the shaft this year. Over the summer, when I had planned to do most of my agent submissions, I had my cancer surgery and the passing of my mother to contend with, so I put this manuscript on hold until I was ready to focus on it. I really like the story and think I did a decent job telling it, so I want to be able to do it justice. I do, however, have it out on submission to one place where I hope it, and I, find a happy home. If not, I’ll probably start submitting again after the first of the year.

–Other shorts. I’ve written a couple of other shorts that I’m in the beginning stages of finding a home for and I’m still waiting to hear back from a few submissions I sent in the spring. Publishing, alas, moves at glacial speeds. I also recently submitted a short to a big-time anthology and am hoping beyond hope that it gets accepted.

–Works in Progress. I’ve put Wielder of the Soul on hold for the time being to work on another project that has more fully captured my attention. I have about 23,000 words done on this one, versus about 33,000 on Wielder. I also have another story waiting in the wings after I finish the other two.

–Harry Potter. About a year ago, I submitted a silly little story on the Mugglenet.com fan fiction site. It was fun to write, but after I submitted it and the reviews stopped, I didn’t think much more about it. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email telling me that the story had won their annual QuickSilver Quill Award for Best Humor Story. I was quite tickled and shocked. Furthermore, I received another email a few days ago from a young lady who wants to translate my story on a Polish Harry Potter fan site. All of it has been a lot of fun and, hopefully, will be the start of good things going forward.

So, that’s it for now. I will repost my Christmas story from last year sometime next week and will do another one each week after that leading up to the big day.

Also, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there.

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