Ghostlight Magazine

The Fall 2010 issue of Ghostlight Magazine, including my short story, “Santa’s Worst Stop”, is currently available in print ($8.95 plus shipping) or as a digital download ($4.00) from . 

In my story, Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick encounters a ravenous member of the undead in a Louisiana bayou and hijinks ensue.  It is a dark, comedic piece, full of adult language and gory details–just in time for Christmas.  Nothing says “I love you” this holiday season like a Santa/zombie story.

In other news, I did my first why-yes-I-AM-an-author interview for a local paper, Tennessee Magnet.  The paper is run by Chris Fesmire, a friend of mine, and if you live in the nine counties covered by them, pick up a copy and support local news in northwest Tennessee.  Contact them at (731) 986-3800 for more information.

In other other news, I’m currently working on this year’s batch of Christmas stories, with plans to resume Project Supervillain around January.  I think after focusing this year on producing and publishing short stories, I want to at least finish a draft of the novel before I move back to some shorter works.  In the meantime, I have a few stories out on submission and a few more that I need to get back out there.  Overall, though, it’s been a good few months and I hope I can continue that momentum into the winter.

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