Special Education Week

I seen several posts on facebook calling this “Special Education Week”.  While this event has no official designation, I think it’s a great concept, especially considering that my wife is a special education teacher, although, really, every week should be Special Education Week.

Now, with that said, I’m going to post something–two somethings, actually–so completely reprehensible and in such horrible taste that I can barely believe they exist.  Still, they are funny.

(NOTE:  If you are easily offended, or even if you have ever been offended by something in your entire life, do NOT watch these videos.  They are horrible, bad, in extremely poor taste, filled with foul language, politcally incorrect, and NSFW.  The management of this site (namely, me) does not share the views, opinions, or anything else with the content of these videos.  For entertainment purposes only.  Void in Utah.)

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