It’s been over a year since I wrote anything for here, so I thought I should pop back on and update anyone who is interested what the heck I’ve been doing with myself during that time.  So, here’s a few things that have kept me busy over the past year:

–In December, I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Management.  Aside from my writing, or lack thereof recently, I have spent the bulk of my past two decades managing several businesses with varying levels of success.  In my slow-acting mind, it took fifteen years or so to decide that if I’m going to be managing businesses, I should probably have a piece of paper that says I am qualified to do so.  Therefore, I went back and finished my degree, although I am still waiting to participate in the graduation ceremony as mine was canceled due to an ice storm.

–After finishing my Bachelor’s, I thought “What the hell.  Might as well get a Master’s while I’m at it.”  So, in January, I began working toward my MBA in Human Resources Management.  HR is something I’ve always enjoyed as an aspect of my general management jobs, and I’ve trained numerous other managers in how to do it properly since I’ve been in management, so I thought it might be a good fit for me professionally if this whole writing thing doesn’t pan out.  Pro tip, writers:  Don’t stop dreaming or working, but have a viable Plan B.

–In other business-related news, I was downsized from my job in January and have been luxuriating on the couch since then, if you can call spending hours working on grad school work luxuriating.  I am still actively seeking employment, but the job market here in rural Tennessee is less than ideal, even for someone newly graduated with a management degree.

–Also in January, I made a change on the relationship front.  I made a wild, crazy, and long overdue move to be with a wonderful girl who grew up in the same town as me.  She made an even wilder and crazier move to relocate to Tennessee with me and after almost three months together, we are blissfully happy.

–All is not quiet on the writing front, either.  I have a short story due to be in an anthology toward the end of the year (if all goes as expected) and I will provide more details across my social media outlets as it becomes available. 

–Instead of writing, as I’ve been so busy with school stuff, I have turned to photography as a less-time-consuming creative activity.  I am exploring the option of adding a photography page on my website to feature what I think are the nicer shots I’ve done and I am having a wonderful time learning new techniques.  Much of my work already appears on my Instagram page if you would like to see it before I figure out how to post it on here.  Also, if you don’t already and would like to, please follow me on Twitter (@lee_smiley).

That is all the updatery for now.  I will post more if anything noteworthy (besides my passing Statistics) happens.  Until then, take care.