Normally, I would put a Topical Tuesday post in here, but I’m feeling generally meh on most topics today and meh is not a fit state in which to discuss such things. Therefore, in light of my recent light blogging activity, I will now commence updating my imaginary readers on my various projects:

Cursed Blessings. The manuscript is ready to go, but the query is still being tweaked. It’s taken me a bit of time to get back into the swing of things after my weeks of scoring Governor’s Scholars applications, but I hope to have the letter nailed down this week so I can start sending it out as early as this weekend. I’m on the fourth draft now and I think I might actually go with two different letters, depending on which agent I’m querying. The one advantage of being, as yet, unrepresented is that I have no specific deadline on when something has to be done. This is liberating in that I can make sure I have both my query letter and my manuscript as strong as I can make them before I start submitting, but on the flip side, I work well under pressure and the only pressure I have right now is what I put on myself. Thankfully, that’s quite a bit.

Wielder of the Soul. I have started the first draft of this new urban fantasy novel and I’m about ready to get to working on it in earnest. I’ve had a lot of things going on lately that are starting to fall off my schedule and, as things get back to relative normalcy, I’ll throw myself into this story set in Nashville. At some point, I’ll have to go back to Nashville, wander around downtown, take some pictures, and gather some details for that extra verisimilitude, but for now I can just run with the idea screaming to get out of my head and onto my hard drive.

“The Luckiest Man on Earth”. After lounging around on my hard drive for a few months, I’ve decided to try to put this short story to work and have submitted it to a magazine for consideration. Hopefully, I’ll hear something in a month or so. Even more hopefully, it will be a good something.

“The Visible Man”. Same as above, but sent to a different periodical. Same hopes, too. I like both these stories and, though I am not bursting with short story ideas, I think these two are good enough to find a home somewhere.

Dead and Dying. Officially retired, although I do have one full request still out. I might submit it to an agent or two as I research agents for CB. What do I have to lose? It would make quite a story if that one request pans out to an offer of representation, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Breath-holding is a very bad thing for an author to do.

I considered trying to write some short stories in between CB and WotS, but I just didn’t come up with anything strong enough to write this time. Usually, I have my best ideas for shorts while I’m working hot and heavy on a novel. By the time I have the occasion to write them, however, the ideas no longer shine and I lose that sense that it needs to be written down.

That about covers it. Perhaps by next Tuesday something will have sufficiently pissed me off enough to write about it in the return of Topical Tuesday.